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The perfect place to start seems to be my ten Most Used Beauty Products …These are the ten products I use daily(most of the time) and are my absolute must haves (in no particular order)!


1. Eau Thermale Avéne- Skin Recovery Cream, Calming Formula.

I am fortunate enough to have skin which is pretty well-behaved. A little on the dry side at times but it poses me no notable problems. However, it hates very rich products which are too complex. My drawer is full of many renowned(and expensive) but unused moisturizers for this reason. Too many essential oils, too much perfume or too moisturizing a cream can cause havoc on my otherwise calm skin. Despite having dry skin, moisturizers made for dry skin do my skin no favors and I always end up with an uncharacteristic breakout. Creme De La Mer, Origins A Perfect World, Estee Lauder Hydra Complete, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion are just a few that I have tried and had no luck with. Skin Recovery Cream by Eau Thermale Avéne is not only the most reasonably priced of all (£12.50 at Boots), it feels great on the skin. It sinks straight into the skin and feels light. Leaving neither a greasy feeling or look, it’s also a great base for make-up. Out of curiosity, I have left this cream a few times and tried others but they always end up in a pile with the rest and I go back to this without fail.

£12.50 40ml


2. Kiehls Lip Balm (SPF 4)

Love, Love, LOVE this lip balm- definitely high on my list of Most Used Beauty Products. I suffer from severely dry and chapped lips which we all know can be highly unattractive! This is by far the best lip balm I have ever tried; Carmex, Vaseline etc just don’t seem to make the slightest bit of difference to my lips. I have around 4 tubes of this on the go at any one time. I bought a limited edition Mint flavor one which I am savoring the last bits of because I adore it and cannot find more anywhere! I have a Vanilla one which doesn’t have the strongest taste but is still nice and then a couple of tubes of the standard balm which tastes just like vaseline. At around £9.50 a tube(15ml) it isn’t the cheapest of balms but the spend is justifiable by the results. My only qualm about this product is that it is not easily available. Kiehls stores, Space NK and Selfridges are the only places I know that stock it and these are not stores that are in every town centre. I have however, just had a Kiehls store open a 15 minute drive away from me in a new shopping centre which I am pleased about. The lip balm is the only Kiehls product I use at the moment so when I do finally go in store, maybe I’ll be tempted to try something else from there…..

£9.50 15ml


3. Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

I struggled for a long time to find a face wash which would remove any traces of make-up, leave my skin feeling clean and refreshed without feeling stripped and tight. I wanted something quick, gentle enough for daily use but still thorough enough to really clean my skin. I first tried this face wash as part of a travel set I bought to explore Bliss as I had never tried their products and I instantly fell in love with it. It did everything I wanted my daily face wash to do AND it smelt amazing. It’s a 2-in1 cleanser and exfoliator but does not feel harsh at all, making it perfect for daily use. The chamomile content leaves my skin feeling soft and soothed. This makes my Most Used Beauty Products list as it is an absolute daily essential part of my routine.

£18.40 197ml


4. Lush Shower Gel

Theres a few I’ve tried and being a sucker for the ‘its limited edition‘ sell, I always end up with the L.E. ones. The one I have at the moment and am ABSOLUTELY in love with is Snow Fairy. It comes out every christmas, it’s the prettiest pink and it smells DIVINEEEE!!   It smells like candy floss so is quite a sweet smell which I am a huge fan of. Theres nothing more feminine than a sweet smell in my opinion. When I’m not being sucked in by limited edition products, I always go back to The Olive Branch. It’s no where near as sweet-smelling as the Snow Fairy but is very clean and fresh smelling. The high content of olive oil (which is sourced from a fair trade project) leaves my skin feeling super soft and even allows me to skip moisturizing after a shower when I’m running late(which is always!) without my skin feeling dry.

£8.50 250g


5. Sanctuary Micro-dermabrasion Body Renewal

Having tried many body scrubs, I was always left feeling disappointed. They never felt like they were exfoliating enough. This scrub, changed all of that! The scrub contains Micro-Silicates from fossilised seashells which are exceptionally effective. It is recommended for weekly use and is to be used on dry skin before rinsing off in the shower. I predominantly bought it for use on the tops of my arms where I sometimes notice small bumps, I noticed a difference after the first use and am now on my fourth tube of it because I use it all over. It is a bit of hard work exfoliating your whole body with it but it warrants the hard work! By far the hardest working of all my Most Used Beauty Products.

£9.45 200ml


6. L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Hands down the best hand cream. I never wear gloves when I wash up/ clean etc so am constantly washing my hands and being slightly OCD about cleanliness, means I always wash my hands with very hot water(I believe it kills more germs!). I am also aware of how quickly hands can age and can be a tell-tale sign so am trying to avoid that! It smells gorgeous, is rich without being greasy and leaves your hands moisturised for a couple of washes before you need to reapply.  Amazing product!

£17.50 150m


7. Concealer- MAC Moisture Cover (nw30)/Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer(Honey)

We all have flaws we need to hide. Though fortunate with my skin, my under eyes are a tell-tale sign of the nights I spend on my laptop trawling through blogs and shopping online or partying! Mac’s Moisture Cover is amazing for hiding those. Firstly I use it in a NW shade(pink undertones) which helps to neutralise the darkness under my eyes, usually I would be a NC(warm/golden undertones). Secondly the formula is one which is line softening and the fact that it is moisturising is great for the delicate skin under your eyes. It’s also a bit of a cheat for those who don’t use or are lazy with eye cream. It gives medium coverage but is build-able and doesn’t crease as many concealers can under the eyes.

Bobbi Brown Creamy concealer I mainly use when I am going out to hide any imperfections elsewhere on my skin for a flawless complexion. It gives great coverage and blends very easily because of its creamy consistency. The fact that it is creamy also means I can use it under my eyes on the days when the moisture cover just isn’t enough coverage! Again, this concealer doesn’t crease under my eyes either making it ideal.

The combination of these two is perfect for me and a combination I have stuck to for a long time and will probably carry on to. Both of these are the most essential of my Most Used Beauty Products since I need them to look alive and awake!

£13.50 5ml

£17.00 1.4g


8. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus/Medium Dark

My favourite pressed powder- the one of my Most Used Beauty Products that I would literally shed a tear for if ever discontinued.  I prefer loose, finely milled powders as they look more natural but they’re just so messy. MAC mineralize skinfinish has become a staple in my daily make-up bag. I use it over a tinted moisturizer or light foundation on a daily basis to set it. It’s a very light coverage but leaves a lovely glow on the skin keeping the end result very natural. My only problem with this product is that i sit between the Medium Plus and Medium Dark shades which means I either have both and mix(which requires carrying both with me) or I compromise. I used to mix but right now I am using the medium plus and just using bronzer to darken where needed. Over the summer, I will probably switch to the Medium Dark.

£18.50 10g


9. NARS Laguna Bronzer

To say I cannot live without bronzer is an understatement. I go through pans and pans of Laguna because I am a hugeeee believer in contour, contour, contour! I have not been blessed with high cheekbones so I create them! I use my MAC 109 contour brush to shade under my cheekbones to create the illusion of higher cheekbones and a slimmer face. This is one step of my make-up that I NEVER leave out, no matter how much I’m rushing so it easily makes my list of Most Used Beauty Products!

£24.00 8g


10. MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

The secret weapon in my list of Most Used Beauty Products. Brows frame your face and un-groomed/uneven/gappy eyebrows are not a good look. Naturally defined eyebrows finish a look wonderfully and I don’t feel my make-up is complete until I have filled in my brows. MAC’s eyebrow pencil in Stud is the quickest and easiest pencil I have used. It’s self sharpening which makes it easy to carry around and the colour range is great. Tones of eyebrow pencils are very important as some tones can look too obvious ad leave the dreaded ‘drawn on eyebrow’ look.

Although my eyebrows are quite dense, they aren’t perfect and I would like them to be a bit fuller as the current trend in brows is natural looking thick eyebrows so I use the pencil to fill in any gaps and to make them look slightly fuller. The trick is to keep the pencil strokes short to mimic eyebrow hairs and to run through your eyebrows with a spooly afterwards to soften any harsh lines you may have left.

£11.50 0.09g

These are all my list of essentials and by far my Most Used Beauty Products but I will be posting about other favourites of mine. I use a totally different range of products for special occasions and a there is tonnes more to my list of Most Used Beauty Products too but these are the products that I probably won’t change for a while(if ever!). Hope some of you try these and love them as much as I do!



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