Chanel Beauty Haul …<3



This post is a little late but since I’d already written it I thought I’d just post it..besides, its a Chanel Beauty Haul !!

The weather has been extremely depressing in the U.K to say the least…It gets harder to be elegant and chic when you also have to consider the small matter of possible pneumonia! One thing that has bought me some cheer and hope for the coming months is the release of Spring collections from the Make-up Houses. The release of spring collections means we are close to the end of the pain of winter months….no more dry skin and hiding under umbrellas to avoid frizzy hair!

The collection I was MOST excited about was of course none other than the Chanel Spring 2012 Collection… I had to splurge and I HAD to share the Chanel Beauty Haul with you!

I made it to my local Chanel counter on the day of the launch and still found a couple of items were already sold out! The Rouge Coco Baume and Rouge Coco Shine in Flirt were both on my list and were both sold out! I did however manage to get the April and the June nail colours…it was tempting to buy May too ‘to complete the set’ but managed to restrain myself as it wasn’t really a colour I thought to be different.

I have since managed to get a hold of the Rouge Coco Baume and although it is without a doubt, the most chic looking lip balm I have ever owned, it was a bit disappointing. There is hardly any flavour, if any and although it is a good lip balm, I find my Kiehls one to be far more beneficial.

The nail colours however, I am super pleased with and have worn them enough to justify the purchases! June especially, I am in love with and am just waiting for the sun to come out(wishful thinking!) so I can show it off on my toes!

The one item I was tempted to purchase but resisted and now regret it is the Blush Horizon de Chanel. It has such pretty pink and coral colours that I know it would have been a good purchase but I told myself that a girl can only wear so many products right?! I wish I had allowed myself that purchase…maybe it’s still in stock on some counters…


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