Currently Obsessed with Prada Candy …..



I love fragrances that are the epitome of femininity. I like my fragrances to be floral, sweet and sexy without being overpowering. Prada Candy is exactly that…

According to Prada ‘The notes feature a cocktail of musks, caramel and an overdose of benzoin.’ Caramel is definitely a note that comes through very strong and makes the name ‘Candy’ very well deserved! The fragrance smells very powdery once settled which means it’s not over bearing and almost smells vintage. For some reason, Prada Candy reminds me a lot of one of my favourite perfumes of all time which is Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. If you’re a fan of Flowerbomb, you’re sure to love this.

I’d only seen the bottle before I bought it and thought it was a simple yet attractive bottle. However, I was not impressed with the box….I thought it looked like a fragrance aimed towards teenagers. Luckily, once you throw the box away, you are left with a chic bottle!

Prada Candy is a welcome step away from the usual Prada fragrances in terms of the smell and the packaging. Well designed (once you forget about the box!) and alluring enough to make you smell good enough to eat!


*Am dying to try the Candy Body Scrub that is a part of this range too….sounds lush!


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