Welcome to Fabublush!





Welcome to www.Fabublush.com!

As some of you may know, I started blogging a bit last year and had a blog on wordpress. I felt like I was one of millions of blogs out there and wanted to do something that was a bit more personal and had my stamp on it. After much deliberation, planning and work; Fabublush was born.

I want to bring the art of make-up and the beauty industry secrets to the average woman. I want to make make-up more accessible and easier for women so we can all look fabulous (or fabublush!).

For the first month, I will be posting secrets, tips, reviews and sometimes random stuff on the blog everyday (with the exception of weekends…a girl needs her weekends!). I will reveal my deepest and darkest secrets over the coming month; beauty secrets only or I could land myself in a lot of trouble! 😉

I will be working in Dubai and travelling over December and January but will keep you guys updated! You can also follow me on twitter @PreetiC and on Instagram.

The new year will bring many more exciting developments and projects and I hope you guys enjoy being a part of my journey with me!


Preeti C



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