My Secret to Healthy, Shiny, Long Hair!!



I am often asked what hair products I use for Healthy, Shiny, Long Hair. Truth is up until 3-4 years back, I didn’t like the thought of putting products in my hair. I felt like any product in my hair made it greasy or sticky. I simply had not found the right products.

Now, as with anything to do with beauty, I have a whole host of products for different occasions! Products I use for more volume, shine, control, convenience, some even just for their smell- sucker for a good scent! (Does that make me sound like a sniffer dog?)

Amidst all of these, there is one product I cannot imagine my hair without! It travels with me around the world and shows up to every blow dry appointment of mine without fail.


TIGI’s True Lasting Colour Oil does everything I need it to and more. It is a styling and finishing oil so I apply it on my mid lengths to ends when my hair is wet and again once it has been styled. It protects my hair, gives me healthy, shiny, long hair plus it smells absolutely DIVINE!!!

It is a part of the S Factor range and so has the most lush of ingredients. Sweet almond oil and coconut oils not only add shine but also nourish the hair and in-fact, I’ve found my hair grows a lot faster since I’ve been using this product.

I often use it as a treatment the night before a wash. I apply more of it than usual, concentrating on the ends, as that’s usually where most of the damage is, and leave it on overnight. I cannot tell you how much I love this oil and though the name suggests it is for colored hair, I would recommend it for all hair types. How much you use depends on your hair type but this is the only oil that I have used that not only smells amazing, but also makes my hair soft, shiny and even helps it grow!

I have worked my way through a few bottles already and will undoubtedly keep repurchasing! <3 <3 <3 this product!


Preeti C




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