CHANEL Coco Noir Love…. <3



Chanel Fragrances are the ultimate in luxurious fragrances and the most luxurious of their fragrances has to be the new CHANEL Coco Noir. One spray of a Chanel fragrance and you instantly feel sexier, especially with the Coco Noir…Since its launch in August 2012, I have been lusting after this fragrance. In my eyes, Chanel never goes wrong with its fragrances so I knew I’d want CHANEL Coco Noir before I’d even smelt it. When I did finally get my hands on the tester at the counter, I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven! To say I am obsessed with this fragrance is an understatement! I would wear this all day, every day if I could. The CHANEL Coco Noir Eau de Parfum 50ml price tag of £75.00 however, means wearing it to bed brings with it pangs of guilt! Its more expensive than the rest of the Chanel Fragrances but totally worth it for me.


The bold black bottle holds an equally captivating fragrance. CHANEL Coco Noir is not a fragrance for those who prefer delicate fragrances. The bergamot is very distinct in the fragrance and sandalwood, vanilla and musk deliver richness and depth. It’s a very sexy fragrance and is my current date night perfume…

Chanel is, for me at least, the ULTIMATE brand. In my eyes, Chanel can do no wrong and I’m sure I’ll share more of my Chanel obsessions on this blog.



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