Fabublush Loves…Smith and Cult Nail Polishes…<3

Smith and CultYes I am a blogger, Yes I own a silly number of Nail Polishes and Yes I display them in my bedroom like they’re each a piece of art. It comes with the territory and I’ll make no apologies for it(though I am slightly embarrassed at how many of them are a variation of red..). My latest obsession which I thought I would share with you lovelies is an irregularly shaped, unconventionally beautiful, trendy as hell, well formulated brand of Nail Lacquers that go by the name of Smith and Cult.

Available at only SpaceNK and a couple of other luxury retailers, Smith and Cult is the new ‘IT’ Nail polish(or Lacquer as they like to call it) brand. Brainchild of Dineh Mohajer (creator of Hard Candy Cosmetics), their revolutionary formula is a high performance 5-free formula. The flawlessly smooth, vibrantly colourful, brilliantly shiny lacquers are formulated without Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin & Camphor. There are 33 highly pigmented shades to choose from including some glitters as well as their top & base coats.

Smith and Cult ReviewI am the proud owner of Lovers Creep (A Deep Red) and Shattered Souls (Gold Glitter) both of which I love! They both lasted 7-10 days without chips, only needed a couple of coats and are incredibly well pigmented. Shattered Souls is a great way of doing grown up glitter but my 3 year old niece absolutely loved it too! The irregular cap takes some getting used to but by the end you’re thankful for the dips which give added grip and stability while painting.

Smith and Cult Nail PolishSmith and Cult manage to do some alternative and trendy colours without any of them looking garish. Even the brighter shades have a muted undertone which I love! On my list are Feathers & Flesh, Stockholm Syndrome, Porn-a-Thon, Pillow Pie & Ghost Edit which I will add to my collection a couple at a time. They are slightly pricier than the average bottle of nail polish but the beauty of the bottles, the unique colours and the amazing formula make it totally worthwhile. Seems my nail varnish collection will be having a bit of a makeover this year!




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