My Hair Refresh @ Rush Hair Salon in West Hampstead…<3

I’ve shared quite a few of my hair secrets with you guys on the blog in the past but today we’re getting a bit deeper. My recent refresh at
Rush Hair Salon in West Hampstead made me realise I haven’t shared much of my hair maintenance routine and I haven’t discussed greys before. Yes greys, those unwanted, pesky grey hairs which pop up every now and again and need covering. *Rolls eyes*. I was delighted to be invited to the brand new Rush Hair Salon in West Hampstead a few weeks back for a total mane refresh and thought I would share exactly what my hair maintenance involves.

I first noticed a couple of greys a few years back but had virgin hair for a very long time. I was very conscious of not causing excessive damage to my hair so avoided colouring it for as long as possible. I am still weary of over processing or over styling my hair causing it to become dry, damaged and lacklustre. I colour my hair every 8-12 weeks and usually in time for a special occasion/event/trip. Without fail, I will also have a treatment done to my hair every time I have coloured it to help restore any damage that may have been caused. My natural hair is just a couple of shades darker than my current shade so I can get away with the regrowth at the roots with ease. My hair is naturally almost black and I colour it with L’oreal Majirel in Shade 5 (light brown) which is a base colour. A base colour means it doesn’t have too much of a red/golden undertone and is quite neutral. A slight lift of a couple of shades from my natural colour meant I didn’t have to bleach my hair to lighten it and it’s also pretty low maintenance.

I am pretty fussy when it comes to my hair and quite protective over it! I know exactly what I want and so trying a new hairdresser and communicating all of the above with them can be a bit daunting. I need a hairdresser who not only understands but also listens and definitely one who isn’t too scissor happy! We’ve all had one of those right?! Bedo at Rush Hair Salon in West Hampstead was unbelievably accommodating to all of my requests (both reasonable and unreasonable) while also being informative. We played with the idea of balayage and a totally new look but the idea of bleaching my hair was too scary for me. Bedo gave me his honest opinion and some great suggestions while completely respecting my wishes of what I did and didn’t want to happen to my hair. We settled on a root retouch with a colour refresh over the entire length of my hair(my ends tends to get lighter and lighter which is nice to a point). He was sure to treat my hair with an intensive mask after the colour and then cut it into a middle parting(I have cut it to the side for years!) with plenty of layers and volume without cutting off too much. He finished the whole thing with a lovely blow dry as you can see above. I left feeling as swishy as one only can after a fabulous blow dry and with a smile on my face. I would highly recommend Bedo at Rush Hair Salon in West Hampstead, he is a very talented hairdresser with a rare ability to listen to what his client wants and deliver exactly that. The salon itself was a pleasure(it has to be when you’re in there for at least a couple of hours!), the staff are all friendly and accommodating and nothing is too much to ask. They managed to keep me hydrated, keep me entertained and get my iPhone charged on top of giving me a whole new look- what else could a girl want?



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