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If you have been reading the blog for a while, and know anything about me, you’ll know I am very particular about the scent of beauty products. More so than anything else, how I smell matters to me- ALOT! I am forever drowning in beauty products and sometimes question when I have gone overboard but I don’t question purchases of perfume. You can never smell too good or have too much choice when it comes to perfume. I often rotate between a few of my collection and these are my current fragrances of the moment. 

Pegasus fragrancesReleased just earlier this year, Eau de Cartier is my newest addition and biggest obsession. Unisex, warm and sensual, it is uncharacteristic of me to pick such fragrances of the moment. It isn’t overly feminine but still incredibly sexy and is by far the most complimented scent I have worn to date. It envelops a warm base of vanilla, amber and balsam with the freshness of a citrus accord for a uniquely simple scent. Obsessed!

I have always been obsessed with Chanel fragrances- they’re so classic(read more here). Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum is my choice of signature scent from the range. Inspired by the fascinating personality of Gabrielle Chanel, it is supposed to represent a bold, free woman who is ready to break the rules and write her own destiny. I love what the scent represents and would love to think that is me but of course the scent of it plays a big part too!  The jasmine and patchouli particularly stand out to me since they are some of my favourite ingredients to find in a scent. It is sexy yet fresh, it has an incredibly effortless feel to it and isn’t overbearing or strong. It would’t feel right not including this signature scent of mine as it will forever be one of my fragrances of the moment.

I am usually not a fan of a strong rose scent at all- it reminds me of a rose syrup that I used to find in the fridge as a child..bleugh. However I was pleasantly surprised by Chloé Eau de Toilette which is based on the scent of white roses. Incredibly light and delicate, it has hints of bergamot, gardenia and musk which add a hint of sophistication. The ultimate elegant fragrance, it is perfect for a touch of femininity during the day.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette is my fresh, fun fragrance for days when I’m feeling particularly playful. Base notes of gardenia and jasmine puts the fragrance in my comfort zone and add a sense of familiarity while top notes of strawberry and violet petals make it far more fruity and fun than my usual scents. I can’t not mention the gorgeous, fun bottle- my niece is obsessed with it! Certainly a fragrance of the moment for the summer(when it actually makes an appearance in the UK!).

A new fragrance brand I have recently discovered and have to share with you guys is Aura-Soma Pegasus. Aura-Soma Pegasus fragrances demonstrate the visual and non-visual energies of colour, created using only natural and organic essential oils evoking a beautiful aroma and the potential to enlighten the wearer’s mood. The packaging and colours are stunning(pictured) and I love the concept behind them. My favourites are Parfum 58 which is great for travellers and Parfum 80 which inspires new hope in our life and letting go the difficulties of the past. I’ve chosen my favourites by scent but was amazed to learn the concept behind each one too.

These are my fragrances of the moment but I have a selection classic fragrances that I repurchase and come back to time and time again (much like Chanel Coco Mademoiselle). I will post these on the blog soon too! Hope you lovelies enjoyed this post!



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