Hair Restoration with a Mythic Oil Treatment…

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My hair has been a bit of a state the last few months to say the least. It’s never been as frizzy, weak or limp and if it wasn’t counterproductive, I’d be pulling my hair out out of frustration! If you read the blog regularly, you’ll know how I feel about my hair and surely can imagine my level of distress at the sad state of hairs(affairs…hairs…get it?). Anyway, you can imagine that an email inviting me for a L’Oreal Mythic Oil Treatment at the House of Rush in Picadilly felt like an intervention from above. An answer to all my prayers.

The House of Rush in Picadilly is one of the grandest salons around. Set over 2 floors, it possesses a sense of regality- perfect for a pampering. I loved it as soon as I walked in and to be honest, didn’t want to leave! Lucy,¬†my stylist sat me down for a consultation first to address my concerns about my hair. She told me that being under a lot of stress recently has affected my hair but assured me that it was fixable. My hair was breaking all around my hairline because thats where hair is at its weakest. She told me my hair needed nourishment and that the Mythic Oil treatment was perfect for me. She also gave me a range of products to take home that I could use on my hair from shampoo, oil conditioning balm to a dry conditioner so that every product that I used on my hair was full of nourishment. Argan, Avacado, Grape seed and Almond oils in the product range will help restore my hair it to its former glory.

The Mythic Oil Treatment at the House of Rush was fabulous. A shampoo, followed by a hair mask which was left on while I reclined in a massaging chair was just what I needed to help me relax. The blow dry to finish was top notch and held shape until my next wash!

Lucy’s reassurance and advice along with the products has since helped me to restore and repair my hair quite a lot. It’s still not back to it’s full former glory(products can only do so much- a PA would help massively!) but it’s certainly come really far. The Mythic Oil Treatment and products I’ve been using at home have been a god send- they smell fabulous and make my hair soft, shiny and silky. My favourites are the Mask and the Dry Conditioner, both of which leave behind the most amazing shine- amazing¬†for dry/damaged/coloured hair! Buy here.



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