My Day at the High Definition Boutique…<3

hdnh3ed 2Entering the High Definition Boutique Notting Hill stopped me in my tracks. Everything looked brand new and uniform- very HD. The visuals for the boutique are beautiful and alone enough to tempt you to have the renowned HD brow treatment done. If the visuals don’t do it, the staff certainly will. Each one of them sashays around with the most beautifully groomed brows further luring you in to the world of HD brows. 
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High Definition Boutique Review High Definition Lash & Brow BoosterI originally went in to the High Definition Boutique Notting Hill for a HD pedicure which my tired toes were in dire need of. Rebecca was my therapist on the day and she was as lovely as the treatment was. She took the time to choose a colour with me and even used a coat each of two different shades to create a bespoke shade for me(I went for a nude colour with a iridescent shimmer on top). The pedicure area was so cute, high seating where you can watch the rest of the goings on in the boutique if you don’t nod off during the amazing foot massage. High Definition products are used throughout and each one smells more scrummy than the last- I use the word scrummy because they smell like edible treats but I’m sure are far more beneficial for your skin than stomach! I was over the moon with the treatment and the colour, I had gel polish put on so almost 3 weeks later and the pedicure is still going strong! (See my foot selfie above, you can see enough of my feet to appreciate the pedicure! No one really wants to see my feet right?!)

Whilst sitting on my pedicure throne and talking to the lovely therapists in the boutique, I couldn’t help but be tempted by the HD Brow treatment- though I was convinced I didn’t need it. I eventually caved in and am so glad Rebecca and team convinced me to give it a try. The tint made a world of difference on my ‘already dark’ brows and I couldn’t have been more wrong about not needing it. What I had failed to realise was that the tint would pick up all of those small, faint hairs that I was growing in hope of changing my shape and make them more prominent therefore instantly giving me the shape I had been working so hard for and far fuller brows. Rebecca shaped them beautifully and the treatment was not at all uncomfortable or painful. She also sent me away with their Lash&Brow Booster to help grow my brows in certain areas. All of the therapists swear by it which is a great sign(so far so good, keep your eyes out on my Instagram for an update!). I am over the moon with how my brows now look without makeup and it is certainly something I will be keeping up!

Word to the wise, I also noticed a lot of ladies coming in for and singing praises of the Collagen Wave facial. Read more about the treatment and find more boutique info here. I am SUPER excited by this facial and hope to try it very soon! Will keep you lovelies updated! xoxo

P.s. Sandals are Jimmy Choo, see similar here.


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