The Perfect Summer Dress…<3

Theres no feeling like being able to wear a lovely, floaty, cool summer dress around London. It is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the world, good weather is just not one of it’s selling points. Hence why, when we are blessed with some beautiful sunshine and glorious heat, I make the absolute most of it!

Dress, Shoes, Bag.

Dresses always lend a sense of occasion, even if the occasion is just a gorgeous summers day! I’ll take any excuse to wear a pretty summer dress, I just don’t think theres anything easier or more comfortable in the world. Once you pick a dress, your outfit is done, all that remains are the accessories- genius! In the heat of summer, I hate anything that is too fitted or thick so a dress is the perfect way to stay cool. The upside of feeling feminine, girly and twirly(if thats even a word!!) all day is just yet another reason- have I convinced you how fabulous dresses are yet??

I am a HUGE fan of Jetset Diaries, I have worn a couple of their dresses before and boy does this brand know how to cut a dress! Their dresses always have that extra bit of material that make them fall and flow beautifully and the quality of material goes a long way towards it too. This dress feels AMAZING on; the trail gives a sense of drama while the light fabric, print and colours make it very wearable.

I have teamed it with my super comfortable Topshop heels which are perfect for summer and my Givenchy bag, both of which complement the dress perfectly.

You’ll find the links below the pictures as always, hope you guys like, more fashion posts coming very soon!


Thank you Nick for the fun shoot and lovely pictures 🙂 (


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