Maxi Skirt Kinda’ Summer…

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We have less than 3 weeks of official summer time left, and if the season so far is anything to go by, even in a heat wave, one can’t always dress appropriately. British weather is kind of torturous, even if you are able to leave the house in a pretty little dress, one should always carry a cover up(read: blanket). Thus this year has been the summer of the maxi skirt and the maxi dress for me. Let me explain…

Skirt, Body, Shoes, Clutch (Sold out so have linked similar).

I opt for a maxi skirt or dress in times of uncertain weather so that in the event of the heat not holding up, I still have a tonne of material to cocoon myself in. A maxi skirt or dress can be just as cool as a summer dress most of the time but is far more handy when the sun decides to play hide and seek. I love nothing more than sitting outside of an beautiful summers evening, but it can quickly turn quite chilly. I’ve often found myself wrapping my maxi skirt/dress around my legs in this scenario to keep myself warmer and feel quite satisfied when it works a treat!

As strange as you may all think I am now, I hope you understand my preference for maxis and can appreciate them just as much as I do. I loved wearing this skirt and as so often happens on here, by the time I’ve gotten around to blogging it, it’s in the sale. You guys have to love me for that! The colour is not one I would usually wear, but when going for statement pieces, I try not to spend too much since I know I’ll only get a couple of wears out of them at the most.

My cost per wear for this body is almost nothing since I pair it with almost everything(you will have seen it in my previous holiday haul too) and the shoes and clutch are both high street too.(Links below the pictures as always!)

Have a great weekend lovelies!



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