Oribe Obsessed!

To say I’ve been intrigued by Oribe since it first come onto my radar would be an understatement. Hailed as the ULTIMATE in luxury haircare, it was quick to catch my attention. On first glance, it certainly looks the part. Luxe packaging with gold accents, one temptingly named product after another; a clear sign of what lies beneath… 

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I was fortunate enough to be able to try some of their products recently, and as their brands hashtag lends so appropriately, I have become Oribe Obsessed!

The Dry Texturizing Spray is probably the product that has given them cult status, it gives exactly the effect you would imagine. A couple of sprays into the roots and mid-lengths will add an impressive level of volume to any hair length and style. Innovative technology means it simultaneously acts as a dry shampoo making it perfect for freshening up hair and keeping it looking full and glamorous! It is by far the best texturizing spray on the market and the scent leaves you with the feeling of a fresh blowout from the best of hair salons.

The Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray is not only the product with my favourite name but is the only blowout spray that seems to tame my frizz impressively without the feeling of a tonne of product in my hair. Super light and with the sublime signature Oribe Cote d’Azur scent, I cannot fault this product AT ALL. It has sped up my drying time and feels super nourishing to my hair!

The Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray shield hair from frizz all day and all night. It’s all that has gotten me through my recent trips and the summer by keeping my blowout and curls intact. The perfect insurance for your hair with the added bonus of the gorgeous signature scent!

Each of these products is so good, they’re almost indescribable. Without a doubt, Oribe knows hair and haircare, each aspect of the product has been thought of and perfected. Every product is not only high performance, but also treatment based and with their signature ‘to-die for’ Cote d’Azur scent. I am in LOVE with this brand, not only does it look and smell amazing, the results are incredible! I use Royal Blowout without fail after every shampoo, and the other two as and when needed. I will CERTAINLY be adding more to my range, I can’t imagine styling my hair without Oribe products anymore! Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray is next on my list, the Fragrance will be a treat to myself when I feel I deserve one and don’t even get me started on how desperate I am to try the Beauty Range that has just launched…more details on that soon 🙂


P.s. Space NK have the greatest offer where you can try the Dry Texturizing Spray for free!



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