My Type of Onesie….

I havent gotten my head around the fact that onesies exist- for adults. I totally get the comfort factor, maybe even the cute factor but in the end, it looks exactly like a baby grow. I actually stopped seeing a guy when he suggested I buy and wear a onesie for a Christmas Pyjama Party he was having with his friends- we were clearly never going to be on the same page in life. I have never worn a onesie and I plan on keeping it that way…


Catsuit, Sleeveless Jacket, Sandals, Bag.

Onesies- hate. Jumpsuits- love! I think  jumpsuit is a very powerful yet sexy looking kind of outfit. Some of the smarter ones have a sense of power dressing to them but still incredibly effeminate. Perfect from the boardroom to the bar, you can’t go wrong.

What I particularly like though are the more relaxed, comfortable jumpsuits. I have a relaxed, grey marl jumpsuit that I often wear on flights. The jersey material makes it super comfortable and I’m not worried about exposing myself while I sleep! It is now years old but still super wearable and stylish.

My love for jumpsuits was further solidified when Wolford sent me their Catsuit/Leggings recently; OBSESSED! What I love about Wolford is the versatility of their pieces and this piece is no different. I have worn it as a catsuit above but you can also fold the top half down to wear it as leggings with skirt. I love love LOVE the versatility of this. If you’re brave enough, wear it alone with a pair of black heels for the ultimate display of body confidence. Otherwise, there is a host of ways to wear it. For the mild weather, I have teamed it with a sleeveless jacket, sandals and this gorgeous YSL bag from Farfetch for a smart/casual look but there are a million ways to style this. I have also worn it with a black off the shoulder jumper over the top for a super casual look. The material is so soft and comfortable, I would also recommend this as a great travelling outfit(maybe without the heels).

This is my kind of onesie; no fluff, no character or animal print and most importantly, stylish! All the comfort of a onesie with 0% of the baby-grow factor. Love!





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