How to: Beach Waves without using Heat…

beach-waves-without-heatYou guys know my hair routine by now, I am often found in the hairdressers chair getting a blow dry, I can do a decent blow dry myself at home and sometimes even use heat tools to wave/curl my hair. What I have been lusting after forever though is a natural, slightly messy, beach waves kind of look. Every time I use heat tools to wave my hair, the result is lovely but sometimes I feel its just too polished.


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natural-wavesMy hair has a natural wave and I have tried to make the most of it for years with consistent failure. See, my hair would also be categorised as dry, leaving me with a whole bunch of frizz alongside the wave. The frizz is a walk in the park when I apply heat of any kind; the heat eradicates all signs of frizz and dryness. The challenge however, comes when I don’t want to use heat on my hair.

Since beach waves and salt sprays have been trendy, I have been a fan of them and used (or tried to) but failed time after time. Sometimes, the results are amazing and I get just the look I want but more often than not, I end up having using heat on sections of my hair to stop it from resembling a birds nest. It’s just been so hit and miss until now.

You guys, I have finally found the combination of products that I have been dreaming of- beach waves without heat just became my latest party trick! I begin by prepping my hair whilst damp with a nourishing oil as always(read more here), next I spray the Ouai Wave Spray (Jen Atkins- The Kardashians’s Hairstylist’s Range)liberally through all of my hair. I scrunch my hair a little to activate the waves a bit more (you can also plait or twist your hair onto itself into a bun at this point to create more waves) and let my hair dry naturally. When going for a more polished look, I blast my roots with the hairdryer making sure the nozzle is pointing downwards to smooth the hair shaft and ensure the hair is smooth. Once dry, I use 2 lots of pea sized blobs of Aveda’s new Damage Remedy Split End Repair over the mid-lengths and ends of my hair to smooth and finish the look. I use it in 2 halves so it distributes evenly through my hair and I always use downwards movements to make sure I’m smoothing the hair cuticle. This product is a dream- it gives me the shiniest mid-lengths to ends I’ve ever had without heat and is amazingly weightless! The effect lasts until the next wash and it even helps to protect the hair against further damage.

I love the beach waves look because it is different to my usual, polished look and is so effortless plus super quick. Sometimes you want to give your hair a break from all the heat styling and the ‘I woke up like this’ effect it has is definitely a good look.



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