How to: Wear a Bodysuit….

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I’ve kind of had an unconscious love affair with body suits for a couple of years now. I spotted a low back body, loved it, bought one in black and one in white and have worn them endlessly since(you’ve probably spotted them on the blog before). It was only recently I realised how frigging amazing they actually are and started buying them in every style and shape I could find. There are so many ways to wear a bodysuit…

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Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetMy favourite way to wear a bodysuit and one that is incredibly fashionable at the moment is simply with a pair of jeans and heels(check out these heels from SimplyBe for more of an evening look). Since we don’t live in the sunny climate that most celebrities pictured in this combination do, I throw on a duster or a jacket over the top.

Bodies are also incredibly handy to layer with, I often wear a high neck body under a jumper for added warmth or a long sleeved body under a sleeveless jumper to make it more wearable in the winter without adding too much bulk.

They are great worn with jeans, trousers, skirts and if you’re brave enough; leather leggings. If you’re taller than average like me, they are best worn with high waisted bottoms to avoid unconscious hip flashing. There are even some really gorgeous dressy bodies out there at the moment to wear of an evening; perfect worn with a skirt.

If you’re a newbie to bodies, the entry level wardrobe staple I would suggest is a versatile vest-like body, preferably in rib. Once you’re accustomed to the feel, fit, fiddly factor of the poppers(the one and only downside)and their fabulousness, you’ll wonder why you went so long without. Although initially a bit alien- it is like wearing a swimsuit, you can’t deny the flawless finish they give to any outfit made up of separates. You’ll find yourself not wanting to fuss with tucking a normal top in again; fortunately theres no need. There is no better way to ensure a flawless tuck than to wear a body and since that is the look of the moment, what are you waiting for?


*Disclaimer: this post is an advert.


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