How to: Transitional Dressing….

As the season begins to change, picking what to wear becomes even more confusing than usual. I don’t know about you guys, but I find my summer wardrobe incredibly difficult to leave behind. If you didn’t already know, I love dresses, skirts, camis; anything floaty and flirty that makes me feel my most feminine. In an attempt to justify more purchases and of course share more with you lovelies; this is my take on transitional dressing. 

Body, Skirt, Bag, Sandals, Sunglasses.

While the temperatures in the UK are still mild, I refuse to completely surrender to autumn/winter fashion and will cling onto whatever remnants of my summer wardrobe that I can. I can’t be completely oblivious to the fact that it does get a bit chilly now in the evenings but I am not quite ready for coats and knee high boots just yet. Unfortunately, it’s also not as easy as throwing a jacket onto a summer outfit.

In my world, my skirts and dresses get longer as do the length of my sleeves. Fabrics also get heavier and thicker, all in a quest for keeping warm. When transitional dressing, I do style my outfits with jacket options in mind; I don’t want to look mismatched incase a jacket is needed, but you’ll usually find my jacket draped over my arm or on the back of the drivers seat in my car. I start to layer but not too heavily; this is when sleeveless jackets and slinky dusters make the most sense! You must be able to add/strip a layer at a moments notice without ruining your entire outfit & look.

I love this skirt; the midi length and heavier material make it a perfect for transitional dressing. The heavier material also means the skirt hangs well and doesn’t allow the seemingly high slits to reveal far too much! I loved the colour instantly and at such a bargain price, I couldn’t think of one reason why I shouldn’t buy it! I am totally obsessed with Bodies at the moment, I wear them with EVERYTHING! This Wolford one is by far my favourite, the material is super soft and flattering to wear and the sheer detail is gorgeous! My Jimmy Choo sandals and YSL bag from Farfetch were the perfect accessories to finish off my look but I would also swap the sandals with ankle boots for when sandals are just no longer appropriate(so in about 3 days!). All the links are below the pictures as always…

Final tip; Don’t forget your umbrella!




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