How to: Wear the Blush Pink Trend

If there is one colour that seems to be dominating the fashion scene right now, it would be blush pink. You know the colour—it’s that dusty pink hue that goes well with grey, white, yellow, black, and denim. Honestly, you could wear blush pink with even more shades if you have a good enough eye! In case you weren’t aware, the colour experts at Pantone named blush pink as one of its famous “colours of the year” for 2016, so it’s wonder that it has been everywhere.

That’s right, blush pink is everywhere right now, and if you consider yourself to be trendy then you need to jump on this look if you haven’t already. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to incorporate blush pink into your wardrobe, giving you lots of flexibility and room for customisation.


One easy way to salute this feminine colour trend is to keep it girly. There are all kinds of dresses on the market designed in blush tones. Of course, some women might feel that a blush dress is TOO feminine, so you can always choose to pair some masculine shoes and accessories with the frock to help balance things out.

Casual Sweater/Jacket or Coat.

Being that we are entering the colder months, there is plenty of reason to get your hands on a cosy oversized pink sweater, jacket or coat. It will go great with everything from your favourite denim pants to a pair of stretchy leggings. Casual clothing just got a lot trendier.


Another way to wear blush pink is to let your accessories do all the talking. The Givenchy bag and embossed clutch featured on this page both exude elegance and class while still remaining hip and on-trend. Wearing dusty pink as your accessories can make a simple but strong statement when the rest of your outfit is rather plain.

Bold Trouser Suit

Oddly enough, trouser suits are having a major fashion moment, and they are actually quite chic if you wear them right. Find one in matching blush hues if you are feeling daring with your style and wear it to a formal event. You’ll stand out from the crowd since mostly everyone else will be wearing dresses. Just remember that the little details (like a deep V-neck) matter a lot with this outfit choice.


For a subtle nod to the trending tone, you can opt to wear it on your feet. There are all kinds of pale pink shoes out there, so you’re sure to find one that suits your fancy. I also found this slideshow full of blush pink shoe-spiration, so you won’t have any problems styling them, either.

Are you ready to rock the blush pink trend? Let me know how you plan on wearing it! You really can’t go wrong with any way you choose.




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