3 Ways to Style a Gilet… <3

3 Ways to Style a Gilet… <3

I have always admired and slightly envied women who wear gilets and look super chic. Before I go any further, I’m talking about how I style a gilet which is fashionable; I tend to like faux fur gilets, not the sporty, padded gilets. If you need help styling one of those, I’m afraid I can’t help you!

Gilet, Leather Look Leggings.

If you can master how to style a gilet and/or sleeveless jacket, it can transform your look through seasons of uncertain weather. British weather in particular can be unpredictable and so wardrobe dilemmas are common place in our daily routines (making outfit planning draining)! It’s slightly chilly outside, but not exactly cold enough to be wearing my longest, warmest coat. Whether you style a gilet or sleeveless jacket with a dress, skirt, trousers, leggings, a polo neck, a blouse or a tee, they can make dressing for the cold hassle and fuss free without sacrificing style.

There is more than one way to style a gilet or sleeveless jacket. If you’re having trouble, like I used to, start building the outfit by choosing the gilet first. Gilets need to be the focus of the outfit so it’s a good place to start. Let the gilet take centre stage and keep the tones of the rest of the outfit similar for a chic look. Too many colours/prints/styles will ruin the look, and be far too busy.

My favourite way to wear one is a black long sleeved jumper (to keep my arms warm), black jeans/ leggings/ leather trousers, ankle boots and a gilet to finish. I feel warm without drowning in a huge coat whilst still looking fashionable.

When I’m feeling a bit more girly, I throw one over a dress, tights and knee high boots. It is the ultimate way to make a dress far more wearable in the cold.

To wear one with a skirt is perhaps one of the trickiest ways to style a gilet, simply because you have to find the perfect length of skirt that will work well with the length of your gilet. Shorter gilets are probably tempting if you are considering pulling out a skirt from your wardrobe. However, I try and wear a gilet and skirt that are the same length which makes for an outfit that looks well put together.

If all of the above fail, cosy up with one on indoors like I have in these pictures and enjoy! I love how cosy gilets are without swamping me! It can be a bit tricky and daunting to find your own way styling a gilet but switch up your outerwear game once in a while and embrace styling a simple yet chic outfit!


Co-written by Kruti, Photography by Nick (nick.patelphotography@gmail.com). 



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