The Stylish Winter Hats Keeping Me Warm….

The Stylish Winter Hats Keeping Me Warm….

I’ve hated the winter for as long as I can remember. I am ALWAYS cold and I would much rather be too hot than be too cold. It’s taken a lot of thought and work for me to at least try and look stylish in the winter. I’ve learnt how to keep important parts like my ears warm and covered with some stylish winter hats. And I think I’m getting to the point of layering clothes masterfully without losing shape. Burying myself in layers and the biggest coats I can find is terribly tempting but ridiculously unflattering. 

Layering vests under jumpers, 2 pairs of tights and a slip under a dress or a jacket under a coat for added warmth was the easy part. Yet it still just wasn’t enough for me. I got to the point where I finally realised and accepted that I couldn’t possibly leave the house without a scarf in the cold either. However, it eventually occurred to me that I still needed more.

That pain that the cold can cause to your face and ears is excruciating- for me at least. I can’t exactly cover my face but I had to find a way to cover my ears with some stylish winter hats – a pom pom hat with fur doesn’t count. As cute as beanie hats and pom pom hats can be, they’re just not my definition of stylish winter hats.

Dress, Gilet, Hat

My floppy hat is made of felt which makes it super warm, while the wide brim does a good job in sheltering my face and ears from harsh cold and winds. What I love about this hat is that its a statement in itself. It can give any simple outfit an edge so its a clever way to dress up and warm up a look.

Dress, Fur Headband

My fur headband has been my absolute favourite accessory for the Winter season. It isn’t as big a statement as my floppy hat but it certainly makes an impression. It keeps me really warm and is a lot more practical than my floppy hat. Every girl should own one of these!

You’ll find the links to everything I’ve worn below the pictures, but you can also check my Shop my Wardrobe Page. Hope you lovelies are keeping warm too!






  1. 04/02/2017 / 9:58 AM

    I’m such a fan of the fur head bands they are just perfect with anything and make me feel like a Russian princess! Great post x

    • Preeti C
      08/03/2017 / 8:58 PM

      Thank you! Haha thats exactly how I felt! xoxo

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