Valentines Gifts for Him 2017 …<3

Valentines Gifts for Him 2017 …<3

I know the norm is for bloggers to put up a list of what we’d like to receive for Valentines Day but I’m quite easy- a romantic dinner and a bunch of roses is all I need for a perfect Valentines(Although I wouldn’t turn down a pair of Valentino Rockstud Heels). However, the biggest struggle at this time of year is to find the perfect Valentines gifts for him.

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for; their wish lists are often so out of this world(most of us can’t afford to gift super cars), it provides no inspiration or guidance to choosing an actual gift. In conclusion, most of us have to come up with ideas all of our own on what would make the perfect Valentines gifts for him.

I find it helps to have a gift ‘type’ in mind. The choices are Technology, Romantic, Grooming or Fashion. No matter what type of boyfriend and relationship you have, one of these will always be appropriate.

There are tonnes of gadgets out there that the man in your life will appreciate. Men and gadgets go together like peanut butter and jam- how good are peanut butter and jam sandwiches?? I digress! This very slick Native Union Charging Dock is not only super stylish but also incredibly practical. There isn’t a person on earth with a smart phone that doesn’t need more solutions to mobile phone charging. We are all glued to our phones every waking second which poses a constant battery problem. If your man consistently complains about low battery (or more importantly, uses it as an excuse), this charging dock will make the perfect gift 😉

If you decide to go for Romantic, the options are endless. From handmade cards to an album with all of your favourite memories, you have plenty of space to be creative. I particularly like the idea of a beautiful picture frame like this Silver Plated Ralph Lauren Ogee Frame from Amara with a picture of a memorable moment in your relationship. It’s a thoughtful and sentimental present which is without a doubt, the best kind.

As a Beauty Enthusiast, I will struggle to make just one or two recommendations for Grooming Gift Ideas but I will try my absolute best. Although some men don’t actually use a lot of grooming products, some do. If you’re unsure, a Cologne can be one of the best Valentines gifts for him. Issey Miyake’s L’eau D’Issey Pour Homme Noir Ambre is one of my absolute favourite recent launches (end of 2016) for men.

Fashion gifts, I believe, are the trickiest to buy and I would recommend you proceed with caution- especially when it comes to clothes. Unless your partner trusts you implicitly to dress him, he has had his eye on something for a while or you know his style pretty well, I would steer away from items of clothing and buy an accessory instead. A nice wallet or a cardholder in a colour and style that match his personality would make a great gift which he will hopefully use for years to come.

I hope my recommendations help you lovelies out and that you all have a fabulous Valentines next week!



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