Haircare for Damaged Hair and/or Thinning Hair…

Haircare for Damaged Hair and/or Thinning Hair…

Unhealthy, lacklustre, thin hair can be pretty soul destroying at times. Hair loss can be even more traumatic but both can have a huge impact on your self confidence. We all suffer problems with our hair and scalp at some point in our life; luckily there are hundreds of solutions. No matter how subtly or severely you suffer from these issues, there are various solutions you can try with professionals and at home. There is a vast array of haircare for damaged hair and thinning hair on the market and these are some of my tried and tested favourites…

Launched in January this year, Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Scalp Care Anti Thinning system is what I have used for the last 3 months. My hair has been challenging for the past few months due to a really stressful period (Read more here). I managed to get the condition of it under control initially but it still felt like I had less hair than before so this system was perfect for me. Tea Tree Scalp Care is a preventative system that gently and naturally helps to slow down the process of hair thinning. Ideal for men and women, this colour safe daily regimen is infused with an exclusive Regeniplex Botanical Blend to promote optimal scalp health and encourage healthy, thicker hair. 85% of users reported increased hair strength and volume and I have to agree. The system has worked incredibly well for me and I feel like my hair is almost back to its former glory. I particularly liked the incredibly lightweight Scalp Care Anti Thinning Tonic which you spray onto your scalp twice a day. I feel like this was the product that sets this system apart from so many others as it was probably the most effective. (Available at all good salons)

I felt like I needed to add some more intense haircare for damaged hair to my routine. The plan was to keep my hair super nourished and reverse the effect of the heat damage(all those blow dries come at a cost!). Hairpeutix is a revolutionary pre-shampoo treatment made with a signature blend of natural oils and organic ingredients, designed to revitalise, condition and restore tired hair. The nourishing treatment is designed to be used BEFORE washing your hair, which encourages the absorption of the unique treatment for long lasting, effective results. I love that this treatment is free from silicones, paragons and chemical nasties and is a mess free way of getting the perfect blend of oils for healthy hair. It comes in little sachets so is easy to use and perfect to travel with. I tend to leave mine on overnight to get the most out of it and after applying to my mid lengths and ends, I give myself a scalp massage with whats left on my hands. Scalp massages stimulate the blood circulation and this in turn channels more nutrients to the hair roots. Hairpeutix is a powerful boost for dry or damaged hair and should be used at least once a week.

My newest discovery and latest addition to my haircare for damaged hair ritual is the Syoss SalonPlex range. This innovative system harnesses the innovative Plex technology usually only seen in salons to restore millions of broken hair bonds in the hair for stronger, shinier, healthier-looking hair. Syoss SALONPLEX shampoo, conditioner, serum delivers an instant solution to hair woes by using a unique system that repairs the inner and outer structure of the hair, resulting in soft, manageable locks. Metal ions and organic acids in the range help to bridge broken hair fibre bonds whilst sealing in nourishing ingredients to the innermost layer of the hair for long lasting results. The conditioner, used after the syoss SALONPLEX shampoo, will leave hair up to three times more manageable compared with untreated hair and the serum promises an instant, deep repairing action leaving hair soft and shiny. My hair was treated with and blow dried to a perfect shine with this range (pictured) at the launch of Syoss in the UK. It really felt softer, smoother and was undoubtedly more manageable than usual. The brands arrival in the UK has been long awaited and the unbelievably reasonable range is now available exclusively at Tesco.

To keep the momentum for thicker hair going I am still using the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Care Anti Thinning system but am alternating it every wash with the Syoss SalonPlex Range. I believe the Syoss SalonPlex range will help combat broken hairs while repairing my hair and making it more manageable. My routine of haircare for damaged hair will always include a mask or oil of some sort for intense nourishment. Hairpeutix has the perfect blend of oils and natural ingredients for my hair at the moment. I still use the same leave in hair oil that I have for at least the last 5 years(read more here) and am still OBSESSED with Oribe products to style with (read more here).

Haircare for damaged hair consists of many steps of giving your hair and scalp the ingredients it needs to repair itself as well as nourishment to encourage strong, healthy hair and growth. Scalp massage also goes a long way since healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. If a consistent and thorough haircare routine doesn’t help at all, consult a specialist as there are many other treatment options available.



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