Newness: Real Techniques MultiTech Collection…

Newness: Real Techniques MultiTech Collection…

Ok, admittedly the Real Techniques MultiTech Collection has been in stores (Superdrug) since January but a girl needs the chance to road test these things. Part of my job is to keep my finger on the pulse in the world of beauty- I need to know whats new and whats trending. I don’t share everything with you guys but these I had to…

I can be pretty finickety about my makeup brushes. I like brushes that fit into the contours of my face well to do the job properly and cut well in order to blend seamlessly. All whilst feeling good on my skin and looking good on my dresser. Naturally, with so many requirements, I end up finding brushes from an array of brands to suit various jobs. However, it then bugs me that they all look different and there is no uniformity to my collection of brushes! Ugh!

The new Multitech Collection is the latest in brush innovation, specially designed with the same universal unique cut across the range of brushes and beauty sponge. Real Techniques latest brush collection comes without the standard makeup brush labels, and encourages you to unleash your playful side and create limitless looks.

The brushes tapered point, depending on how you use it, can be used for detailed application and superior pick-up while the mega base provides expert blending. Whether you’re using liquids or powders, want a smokey eye or a soft contour, the possibilities are endless with the universal cut of the Real Techniques MultiTech Collection.

The collection compromises 8 pieces suitable for use across all facial features; 7 brushes and 1 sponge. They’ve also deliberately been named after their size- XXXS to XXXL  to encourage you to make your own brush rules.

Theres nothing I don’t love about this range, the bristles are almost too soft for belief but without compromising on performance(a common problem with makeup brushes). The tapered cut that runs through the range gives great control over application and blending- essential in every stage of your makeup. The brushes are chic, uniform and there is a size of brush to suit every need for every face. To top it off, it is ABSOLUTE genius that the set comes with a brush holder- why won’t more brands do this??

I have been using the Real Techniques MultiTech Collection sponge for foundation, the XS brush for concealer, the S brush for a defined contour which I then blend out and/or add blush to with the L brush. The XL brush is effect for powdering while the XXS and XXXS play different roles depending on the look, on my eyes and brows. But you are free to make your own rules depending on the size and shape of your face and eyes!

Highly recommend you guys check these out! (Click here)




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