Facial Massage Techniques for Smooth, Glowing Skin!

Facial Massage Techniques for Smooth, Glowing Skin!

A good facial massage feels great and you do not need to head off to a professional to gain the benefits of a facial massage. Spare yourself some time to learn some amazing facial massage techniques that will work wonders on lacklustre, dull, tired, ageing skin.

The right facial massage techniques increase circulation to the facial tissue. This is especially important because as we age, our body loses the ability to replenish cells. Your skin sure needs tender, love and care and through a facial massage you can give yourself brighter, more youthful skin. The right facial massage techniques can help to increase firmness, and lift the skin. And of course the added benefit of a facial massage is that it can get you feeling relaxed and peaceful whilst reducing all that built up stress!

Brightening Facial Massage: 

  1. Always begin with clean skin– washing your face before a facial massage is essential. Use a cleanser or an oil and wash the face with lukewarm water. Then pat your face dry with a towel.
  2. Apply a layer of oil that is suitable for your skin type– move your fingers smoothly across your face, instead of dragging on your sin. Find oils that are especially formulated for the face, one that does not clog up your pores. It is usually better to use a single oil that works the best for your skin type. Keep reading for my Facial Oil recommendations.
  3. Massaging your lymph area– it has been said that toxins drain from the face to the lymph area, which is located at either side of your neck, under your ears. By using the tips of your fingers, massage the lymph area in a circular motion for one minute. This ultimately prevents toxins from reaching your face. Your skin is sensitive so make sure you don’t massage too vigourously- just a firm touch. Also use wide circles, that sweeps under your eyes, down toward your throat and up along your jawline.
  4. Don’t forget to massage the sides of your face– Use the same circular motion technique as before and massage from the sides of your nostrils, under your cheekbones, and along the sides of your jaw. Do this for about one minute. (push your skin up, never down to avoid sagging of the skin!)
  5. Massage your forehead- Using a broad circular motion, massage the forehead, starting near the temples, moving gradually in toward the middle of your forehead, then back to the sides. Again, this should be done for at least a minute.
  6. Massaging an essential area, the eye area- sweep your fingers around the outside of corners of the eyes. But before you begin position your fingers at the arch of your eyebrows. Continue this sweeping motion up the sides of your nose and along your brow lines.
  7. Finish by going over each part of your face gently- gently massage each part of your face to end the massage. Your face should look bright, fresh and rejuvenated!

*If you have puffiness under the eyes, always stroke from the inside of your eye sockets and outwards. Not the other way around because this will only make the puffiness worse. Tip: you can use extra oil to prevent the fingers dragging the delicate skin.

Lifting Facial Massage: 

  1. Face oil – Apply a light layer of face oil, after washing the face and drying it. Again, use the right oil for your skin type(Suggestions below). Face oil conditions the skin and lightens the appearance of lines and wrinkles and the right one can work wonders.
  2. Massage near the corners of your mouth-remember that we are focussing on areas that tend to droop as we start to age. Use the tips of your fingers to make tight circular motions around the lines on the side of your mouth. Always apply upward pressure to help the skin instead of dragging it down
  3. Your cheek area- Apply gentle pressure by tapping your finger tips over the apples of your cheeks to help firm and lift this area. Move your fingers up to your cheekbones, then out to the edges of your face and back around for about a minute.
  4. Massage your eye area – use step 6 of the facial massage techniques above to combat eye bags and also crowsfeet. If you need to use extra oil.
  5. Massage your forehead- If you have horizontal lines on your forehead, you want to massage against the lines, rather than with them. Position your hands vertically, with your fingers touching your forehead. Using a zig-zag motion move one hand up while the other moves down, gently pulling the skin up and down. This need to be done across your entire forehead for a minute.
  6. Treat your frown lines- position your fingers horizontally across your frownlines and gently rub back and forth to pull the skin out of its usual lined position.
  7. Finishing your massage- gently massage each part of your face to end your massage. Repeat this whole process daily in order to see the best results.

In addition to the right facial massage techniques, the right oils make a world of difference. I have used facial massage to keep my skin firm and glowing for a while now and have shared one of my favourite oils here. A new discovery however, is Dermalogica’s Phyto Replenish Oil. I am a huge fan of Dermalogica’s products and their facial mapping system. My skincare routine contains quite a few products from the brand as a result of my own in depth consultation. I’ve also more recently used the Phtyo Replenish Oil to massage my face with twice a week since its launch in September last year.

The next-generation formula takes a three phase approach to replenishing protective lipids that are depleted by ageing and environmental stress. First, phytoactives from Camelia and Tamanu oils help restore the skins natural barrier. Then, an essential lipid blend that includes Orchid Flower and Chia Seed Oil smoothes visible lines and locks in critical moisture. Finally, Sunflower, Rice Bran and Rosemary Extracts create a luminous antioxidant shield against free radical damage.

It can take a few tries before you find the perfect oil for your massage routine but in the mean time, keep the massages going!


*Written by Kruti, Edited by Preeti.



  1. Kate
    10/03/2017 / 10:00 PM

    I often do facial exercises to try to keep my skin supple and firm – never thought to make it an actual massage with an oil though! Lovely idea and the Dermalogica oil sounds very interesting, I’m a fan of their stuff too! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Preeti C
      12/03/2017 / 4:48 PM

      You’ll get to love a good massage routine every night once you start, promise! Thank you, glad you liked it 🙂 xxx

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