Why you Should Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase…

Why you Should Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase…

Silk is definitely one of my most favoured fabrics when it comes to clothing. However, I only recently realised it has far more perks than simply being luxurious. I now count a silk pillowcase as an absolute essential for any woman who wants to maintain and improve the condition of her skin and hair. If you’re on the blog reading this, I think I can safely presume you are one of them. You, your skin and your hair deserve good quality beauty sleep which is exactly what a silk pillowcase is all about.

The first and most important reason to convert to a silk pillowcase is to keep your skin healthy. Your face has more contact with your pillowcase more than any other fabric. So, if you are into taking care of your skin, switching to a silk pillowcase is essential. Silk is known to retain moisture, which has the benefit of giving you hydrated skin. It also prevents reversing the effect of all those expensive moisturisers, serums etc that you use. It works alongside all your lotions and potions to keep your skin at its optimum.

Another beauty benefit of sleeping on silk is the reduction of bed head and split ends. Wake up with smooth, shiny tresses rather than the alternate. Life brings us many troubles that we have no control over, but a bed head is no longer one of them! A silk pillowcase will keep your hair under your control and even make your blowout last better and that bit longer. The natural properties of silk, including its soft and smooth surface, reduce friction preventing damage such as hair breakage and split ends. Your hairdresser will love you for it!

Silk has an added benefit of keeping you war in winter and cool in summer, so it adjusts to the ambient temperatures. It’s also hypoallergenic. Pure silk contains certain hypoallergenic properties that include a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mould. Both of these improve the quality of your beauty sleep and thus your skin.

By switching to a silk pillowcase, we can reduce chemical exposure while we sleep. Silk is made from domesticated silk worms that are bred and raised in captivity. They are pampered throughout their life and have no predators to defend against. This only helps to produce a fine silk fibre with very little chemical exposure. Silk is far safer than other fabrics in the marketplace since other fabrics are produced from chemically intensive crops that need pesticides and herbicides in order to grow (two of many other chemicals used in the process). That is technically a whole load of processing before it becomes your pillowcase or bedsheet. Silk is a far safer bet.

Aside from all of the benefits above, a silk pillowcase is also just beautifully luxurious and looks so elegant! I have bought the SLIP Silk Pillowcase which is designed with its beauty benefits in mind but if you are searching elsewhere, this is what you need to look for:

  • Type of silk- the ideal is 100% long strand Mulberry silk. This comes from silkworms being fed on primarily a mulberry leaves diet. Mulberry silk produces a longer, whiter and more durable thread than wild silk pillowcase which is also known as Habotai and Tussa.
  • Type of weave- the best is known as Charmeuse and this comes from traditional, narrow looms that run slower than newer, faster, wider looms.
  • Weight of fabric- thread count is almost meaningless for silk as it takes about several strands to make a visible thread. This can get technical… but momme is the weight of 100 yards of material 45 inches wide. The perfect count is 22 momme, as it is heavier than most other silk bedding fabric. Be careful not to pick too heavy a fabric either; you still want the fabric to drape beautifully.
  • Workmanship- it takes a real artisan to sew a silk pillowcase properly… so be careful of hasty and shoddy workmanship.

So many brands have picked up on the beauty benefits of a silk pillowcase and are designed to maintain good skin and good hair. I’m in love with my SLIP Silk Pillowcase; the pretty pink colour makes it even more perfect! Now I just need the eye mask…


*Written by Kruti, Edited by Preeti.


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