My Pick of the 5 Best Websites to Shop Dresses…<3

My Pick of the 5 Best Websites to Shop Dresses…<3

I adore wearing dresses- whether it is girly, chic or sexy, nothing feels as feminine as a dress. Dresses are easy, comfortable and there is a style to suit every shape. Whatever the occasion(or excuse depending on how you look at it!), I am often on the hunt for a new dress. I have go-to sites for everything but these are my pick of the 5 best websites to shop dresses. 

The lovely number I am wearing in these pictures is from Free People. It is a highly underrated website and they have the prettiest selection of dresses. I have rarely struggled to find at least 3 dresses that are to die for on any visit. The brand does have quite a boho vibe but without compromising on the femininity or sexiness of the dresses. The prices range from £70 odd up to £500 for dresses so there is something to suit most budgets.

*Boots, Bag, Necklace.

ASOS is probably every girls go to right now so I was questioning whether to even mention it. However, because of the ASOS
Premier service which gives unlimited next day delivery, it is the best and easiest option for all those last minute wardrobe emergencies. My favourite brand of dresses on ASOS is The Jet Set Diaries– I would kill to have my wardrobe stocked with their entire collection. It is one of the best websites to shop dresses because it has SUCH a huge variety of brands(some exclusive). There is definitely something to suit every womans style and budget.

House of CB is one of the best websites to shop dresses when you really want to make an impression. Super sexy and the majority body con, these dresses are made for fierce, confident women. Before I go any further, a lot of the dresses on the site aren’t my style at all. I am not comfortable with side boob cleavage, slits up to my hips or cut out sides. Having said all of that, they are all incredibly sexy and more power to the women who rock them! Regardless, there are some more demure and actually very good quality options on House of CB. All around the £100-200 mark, I think they’re quite good value for money. This dress is next on my wish list, what do you guys think?

Wolford is renowned for hosiery, not dresses, but they are fabulous! Wolford hold a very small range of dresses but what I love most is that they are simple, chic and classic. Wolford don’t do trends, they just do style. Their dresses (in fact all their clothing), can be styled in numerous different ways and will carry you through many seasons. I am a huge fan of the Fatal Dress which I have written more about here– I have two! Their dresses aren’t the cheapest but you pay for the quality and they are well worth the investment. This super chic dress is next on my wish list!

The final of my 5 best websites to shop dresses is All Saints. It’s my go to when I want a good quality dress that doesn’t look like I’m trying too hard. I especially love their knitted and silk dresses. These are 2 of my most recent purchases from the site and this is next on my wish list. The dresses are a bit of an investment but similarly to Wolford, they will see you through a few seasons. Super stylish and chic, I need more in my wardrobe!


Photography- Nick Patel




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