Every Woman’s Gym Bag Essentials…

Every Woman’s Gym Bag Essentials…

The temperatures have been rising, sunglasses are out and moods are brighter. Spring is in full force which means summer is just around the corner. With summer comes the pressure of the much coveted summer body. I haven’t felt as comfortable with my body as I used to for months now. There was no better time than now to change that so I decided to overhaul my diet and workout routine. My gym bag has also had a bit of a shake up and these are my new gym bag essentials.

A bottle of water is the first and most important item on my list of gym bag essentials. That won’t come as a surprise to any of my friends or family reading this. I am obsessed with water, and that is never more true than at the gym. I do have to admit that I am a bit of a water snob- most of the time I will settle for Evian. However when available, I much prefer Fiji even if just for the prettier bottle! I would be more ashamed of myself if water wasn’t so good for you. It helps with the healthy eating, it helps avoid bloating and it is amazing for your skin!

I don’t go anywhere without my beauty products so they are another of my gym bag essentials. Space NK stock travel sizes of so many fabulous products that are easy to carry in your gym bag. I have travel sizes of Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner, By Terry Skincare including a mini version of my fave Baume De Rose. Because the products are super versatile and easy to carry, Nudestix makeup is another gym bag essential. My newest and current favourite beauty addition to my gym bag however is the Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace. Gillette recently relaunched its popular travel sized razor which now comes in a snazzy pink case. Their research found that bright colours tend to energise women and make them feel more motivated. Perfect for the gym and it happens to match my gym kit! The Gillette Venus Snap is perfect for on-the-go while still being as functional as the original.

Finally an obvious gym bag essential is the right gym kit. Your kit and footwear will differ depending on the type of exercise you do but it is vital to have the right kit. A good gym bra will help avoid any problems in that department (you know what I mean!) and the right footwear will help avoid injury. I also always wear a headband to try and avoid making my hair greasy and take a towel to keep nearby. Sweat could potentially block pores and cause breakouts so its sensible to occasionally dab your face with a clean towel.

As I mentioned, I’m a fan of Hot Yoga and Yoga in general but have recently also signed up to some boxing classes. Follow me on Instagram to see more on my instastories.




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