Why I love the Flared Sleeves Trend…

Why I love the Flared Sleeves Trend…

You guys know I’m a sucker for any piece of clothing that makes me feel pretty and feminine. Clothing with flow and movement is a must for me, hence why I am obsessed with the flared sleeves trend! The trend first appeared last year but is going from strength to strength. It is one of the biggest trends this spring and flared sleeves add a super cute detail to mini dresses. 

I like putting together chic and minimal outfits with basics but nothing satisfies me more than a statement piece of clothing. This dress is super pretty and the added detail of the flared sleeves give it movement and make a statement. Its one of those dresses that made me feel very feminine. I ordered a size 6 which is usually fine but this felt a bit big. However, I quite like the shape and fit of the dress. A tight fit combined with the length of this dress might have led to some awkward situations! The colour isn’t one I would usually pick for a spring dress but it looks gorgeous in the lace. It is super versatile and looks great for its very reasonable price tag.

The flared sleeves trend can be a bit of hard work in some situations- you have to be very careful when eating! It can also be awkward at work(as a makeup artist, they really get in my way!) so I would suggest keeping that in mind when wearing the trend! However, it is a very chic trend when pulled off with grace!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen another bell sleeve dress I wore recently which you can shop here. I have a couple of flared sleeved tops too but am on the hunt for more. I think this is a trend that is here to stay for a while.


Photography by Nick


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