Protecting your Skin from the Sun just got Easier…

Protecting your Skin from the Sun just got Easier…

In recognition of Sun Awareness week (which was last week- I’m a teeny bit behind!), and with summer almost here (we hope!) we should all be thinking more about the sun and our skin. Protecting your skin from the sun may feel like a chore but you’ll thank yourself in years to come. Over exposure to the sun can harm your skin in many ways and most noteworthy is Skin Cancer. If Melanoma and/or Squamous Cell Carcinoma aren’t enough to put you off, knowing that it can be extremely ageing may be. Over exposure to the sun can slow down the production of collagen, causing skin to sag and wrinkles to form. Sun burn should be avoided at all costs and repeated sun burn even more so. Sunburn occurs when the melanin present in our skin is overwhelmed by the amount of UV rays. Your skin is no longer protected and inflammation occurs in the form of sunburn. Repeated sun damage will affect the way your skin produces melanin. As you age, melanin can begin to form in clumps, resulting in the appearance of freckles and age spots.

Despite the horrendous consequences, 72% of people admit to being sunburnt in the past. Protecting your skin from the sun should be high on your priority list both on a daily basis and whilst on holiday. Mild temperatures do not mean your skin doesn’t need protection, UVA and UVB rays are still very much present. You may not be lying in the sun in a bikini but parts of your skin are still exposed- most importantly your face.

La Roche Posay (A favourite skincare brand of mine; read more here) have just made protecting your face that bit easier. The launch of the Anthelios Anti-Shine Invisible Mist with a SPF of 50 is a god send to say the least. I have always been paranoid about touching my face with dirty hands. I try to look after my skin as much as I can and its just good skin practice. My first application of sun block on holiday is always a doddle- I apply it with just-washed hands before I leave my hotel room. The reapplication however can be a nightmare but this fabulous launch has solved this! Anthelios Anti-Shine Invisible mist has an SPf of 50, is completely invisible on the skin, can be worn over or under makeup and doesn’t need to be rubbed in. Not only is it perfect for holidays, it also just makes protecting your skin easier day-to-day.

La Roche Posay also do a cream and fluid sunscreen in the Anthelios range which is tailored to your skin type and both (pictured left and right at the top)are specifically designed for sensitive skin. Both come with an SPF of 50 and are even available in tinted! The Anthelios range also caters for the body (in spray, lotion, oil and stick formats) as well as offering a range specifically formulated for kids and babies. There really is no excuse for not protecting your skin from the sun or that of your loved ones <3



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