Solving Every Under Eye Concern You’ve Ever Had…

Solving Every Under Eye Concern You’ve Ever Had…

Every single one of us will struggle with at least one under eye concern at some stage of our lives. At points, we may even suffer all 3 of the major under eye concerns; puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles. It’s a source of insecurity for many of us as our under eyes seem to give away a multitude of sins. Whether its dark circles from partying too hard the weekend before or a new born keeping you up all night. Wrinkles from laughing too hard with your girlfriends or crying your way through a break up. We all want to hide the effect that life has had on us and the delicate skin around our eyes.

Skin around the eye is so delicate and thin that it can lose moisture and elasticity quicker than the rest of the face, and it is up to half the thickness of the skin on the cheek. Crow’s feet are the first wrinkles to appear on the face, driven by the thinness of the dermis and lack of moisture in the epidermis around the eye. This under eye concern is also driven by the constant movement (laughing, squinting etc) and lower elasticity of the area.

The common under eye concern of dark circles can be hereditary or due to many lifestyle factors; poor diet, lack of sleep or allergies to name just a few. Read another article I wrote on dark circles here.

Puffiness under the eyes can be due to lifestyle and diet choices but hydration is key to getting rid of them. Both dehydration in general and of the skin around the eyes can cause puffiness so it is essential to take preventative measures.

The eye area is delicate, sensitive and extremely reactive and so needs special targeted solutions to avoid all of the above. Olay, the worlds number one skincare brand has introduced a collection of three targeted eye products designed to provide simple, effective solutions to the signs of eye ageing and I’ve been using them all. Yes all three!

The Olay Illuminating Eye Cream works both instantly and over time. Instantly, it helps de-circle tired looking eyes to reflect a luminous glow. Over time, it reduces the look of dark circles by moisturising the skin with tone-evening ingredients deep into the surface. This has been my day eye cream of choice recently, the light reflecting pigments in the cream give your under eyes an amazing radiant base for concealer.

The Olay Ultimate Eye Cream is a three in one, multi-action eye cream that de-circles, de-wrinkles and de-puffs for instantly younger looking eyes. Its colour correcting technology works on dark circles whilst renewing the skins surface over time to smooth any lines. It de-puffs as its massaged in, magically eradicating every under eye concern. The ultimate eye cream has been my night eye cream of choice since it is an all rounder.

Olay’s Firming Eye Serum firms and hydrates for a lifted eye look in just 2 weeks. It has been specifically designed to target sagging skin, and lack of firmness around the area. The Firming Eye Serum helps strengthen the skins natural barrier function and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It improves skin texture, accelerates skin surface cell turnover, improves moisture retention and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Since this is the most intense of the three, I use this more as a treatment for when I feel my eyes need more help than usual.

This routine has really helped me over the 4-6 weeks and I am so much more comfortable with the appearance of my under eyes without makeup on(the light reflecting properties of the illuminator really help!). I used all 3 so I could feature these on the blog, I knew they would be good from the moment they landed on my desk but I always try products before I write about them. However, you can use just one or two depending on your individual under eye concern /s and the results you want to achieve.



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