How to Cheat a Blow Dry…

How to Cheat a Blow Dry…

It happened a couple of weeks ago. I had to see a client (for bridal hair & makeup) in the very early hours of a Saturday morning. I couldn’t sleep on the Friday night and had plans Saturday evening. Naturally, I finished work exhausted, a nap turned into almost a nights worth of sleep and I missed my hair appointment. What would usually be catastrophic (first world problems), turned out to be a blessing in disguise; I discovered a way to cheat a blow dry.

Aveda had sent me the perfect products to help me cheat a blow dry with minimal effort but had yet to try them. This was the perfect opportunity to road test them. My hair was desperately in need of a wash so I washed it with my current Aveda Damage Rescue Shampoo & Conditioner(OBSESSED!). I towel dried it and added my usual hair oil before priming my hair with Aveda’s Be Curly Style Prep to eliminate frizz. Followed by Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer to enhance my natural waves and boost shine. I scrunched my hair a little with my hands to give my hair extra shape and body but didn’t over do it to avoid excessive frizz. I left my hair to dry naturally while I did my makeup, picked an outfit and got dressed.

My final step was to split my hair into a side parting and run the hairdryer over the roots of my hair with the nozzle pointing down. The heat going down the hair makes the hair shaft lie down and gives the hair a smoother appearance. I twisted any particularly straight strands around itself whilst holding the hairdryer over it to smooth and wave the hair. Finally I wrapped my fringe around a round brush and added heat to give it body and shape. (Let the brush cool down before you take it out for lasting shape and volume)I lightly sprayed the Control Force Firm Hold Hairspray over the mid lengths and ends of my hair to add staying power. Et Voila! I had a rounded, bouncy fringe with smooth, natural looking waves.

The combination of these aveda products gives your hair a great, effortless wave with the use of minimal heat. The Curl Enhancer has amazing reviews all over the web and is one of their best sellers. It doesn’t surprise me since the waves are the most natural looking I’ve ever achieved with such a product. It’s also the most lightweight range of products I’ve ever used. The hair looks polished and smooth with minimal effort and is the perfect way to cheat a blow dry.



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