How I Style My Hair…

How I Style My Hair…

My sister introduced me to ghds almost 2 decades ago and I’ve not used anything else to style my hair since. It was the 90s and slick, dead straight hair was the ‘thing’ back then. I used them to death trying to get my hair to be as flat and straight as physically possible. Thankfully, I’ve since learnt how to curl hair with GHDs. Thats what I love about my GHD stylers, they’ve seen me through my evolution of style without much thought or investment. I still have my original pair which have lasted what feels like a gazillion years and my more recent pair (still around 4-5years old) are still going strong too.How to curl hair with GHDs MaxI have both the ghd V Gold Classic Styler and the ghd V Gold Max Styler– both of which I lurrrveee. The Gold Max Styler I tend to use for straight hair days (not 90s straight!) where I still want some volume and a bit of a curve at the ends. The bigger plates allow me to get through the thickness of my hair quicker and give a really good blow dried effect. I also use them for very loose waves/flicks on the hair. Perfect for when I’m in a rush or just want a slightly low maintenance look. The V Gold Classic Styler I use for slightly more defined waves- the look you’re probably used to seeing on me. Its been my signature style since I learnt how to curl hair with GHDs!

With both tools, I first blow dry my hair (using a GHD Air- total brand fan!) concentrating on the roots with a round brush to achieve volume and smoothness at the roots. Once completely dry, I take different sized sections, go in from the roots and face the straightener downwards. I pull it down a little before twisting it a 180 degrees whilst pulling it down the length of the hair. I always twist the section closest to the face away from the face and then alternate directions between sections. This gives more body and texture in the hair. It also prevents the curls from falling into each other and becoming one big curl. Holding the straighteners vertical creates more of a wave and horizontal creates more of a curl. The more you twist the straighteners whilst pulling them down, the tighter the wave or curl will be. The wave/curl will start at the point of the hair where you begin to twist the straighteners. Be careful not to start the twist right at the root unless that is the look you’re going for. Once curled, twisting the strand onto itself in the direction of the curl will add more definition and hairspray will make the curls/waves last longer.

GHD Curve ReviewI’ve picked up many tricks and tips in the years since I first learned how to curl hair with GHDs. Practice makes perfect so get curling and you’ll pick up your own techniques along the way which will make your waves/curls unique to you. Of course, ghd added to their range with curlers a few years ago and I’ve fawned over the Soft Curl Tong and the Classic Wave Wand since. You may find tongs and wands easier to use but I’ve not felt the need for any more hair tools so I’ve yet to try them. I am dying to though…my curiosity may get the better of me soon!



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