Tricks for Tracking Down Sold Out Items…

Tricks for Tracking Down Sold Out Items…

I’m sat at my laptop one morning, tracking down a golden silk blouse that is sold out online and in almost every store. Thats when I realise how good I am at tracking down sold out items…I often fall in love with the most desirable pieces in any brands collection- the print, the cut or the material make me fall head over heels and nothing can stand in my way. I cannot think of one occasion where I couldn’t get my hands on an item I became obsessed with and these are my tricks:

Check other outlets.

If you’ve seen the item in store/advertisement, check online. If you’ve seen it online, check in store. A lot of good retailers now have a online feature which allows you to check stock of an item in its stores. Even if they don’t, call up all the stores you can get to and ask them to check stock(always have a style code/number/description at hand). Either way, call up and have them reserve the piece for you so you can be sure it will still be there when you arrive(most stores will only hold items for a day). Don’t forget to check department stores etc which also stock the brand too. This is my most used and most successful way of tracking down sold out items.

Bookmark the item.

If the above doesn’t work, bookmark the item on your phone/desktop and check back daily for items that come back in stock. People often order more than one size of the item online and return the one they don’t need. They also often change their mind about an item. Some retailers allow you to sign up for a notification for when an item comes back into stock too. I would do both where available to be on the safe side.

Check resale/ sale sites.

Extremely popular items always end up on resale sites like eBay but at a premium so it just depends how far you’re willing to go. Other items however, do sometimes end up in the sale when there are only certain sizes/limited stock left. Check the sale section of the retailer, otherwise check a site like LovetheSales¬†where you can find sale items from over 700 retailers including department stores. The site is super easy to navigate and has a great search feature which makes it a whole load easier to find specific items.

Buy a bigger size.

If you have a good tailor and all else fails, buy a bigger size and have it altered to fit you. I have done this a few times with items that weren’t too complicated to alter and I actually end up with a item that fits better than my size off the rail would have. If you’re unsure, take a picture to your tailor and ask before you buy.

I hope this helps all of you tracking down sold out items on the regular because you are hopelessly in love with that dress/top/pair of shoes. And for those of you wondering, the golden silk blouse is now proudly hanging in my wardrobe…in my size.





  1. 11/10/2017 / 10:33 AM

    Wow!! beautiful dress! i like the yellow shade. this are good suggestions right know i will follow your instructions..

    • Preeti C
      12/10/2017 / 4:07 PM

      Thank you Love, glad you enjoyed the post <3

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