My Morning with Matthew Williamson…<3

My Morning with Matthew Williamson…<3

Fabublush has evolved very naturally from a Beauty Blog to a Fashion & Beauty Blog because I genuinely love fashion. Nothing excites me more than an event to dress up for and I get quite a kick from hunting down the perfect outfit to fit the occasion. I would describe my style as classic and timeless- you won’t see me wearing tooth jewellery (is it called a grill?!) any time soon. Forever fashion and designers of such disposition are my kind of people. British Designer Matthew Williamson is one such designer- his feminine, bohemian, glamorous designs are timeless. 

You can imagine my excitement when I was invited to attend an event a couple of months ago for a Nivea Matthew Williamson Collaboration. Held at the beautiful Institute of Contemporary Arts, it was one of the most stunning events I have attended in my career as a blogger. There were some of Matthew’s most iconic designs on display, the prettiest flower wall (see above), and endless smoothies and glasses of champagne circling the room. To top it off, I met the man himself and had a little chat with him about our mutual love for timeless style.

To celebrate and champion truly timeless style, Nivea has partnered with Matthew Williamson to launch a new limited edition Nivea Black & White Deodorant, featuring an elegant and exclusive new design. Nivea Black & White deodorant leaves no white marks and helps prevent build-up of yellow stains on clothes, meaning black stays black, white stays white and colour stays brighter so you can love your favourite pieces for longer. It also ensures 48hour non-stop protection against perspiration. Investing in a beautiful fashion favourite can be an amazing feeling, yet once in your wardrobe, these pieces will only last as long as you keep them fresh, making your deodorant choice an important one.

This Gorgeous Nivea Matthew Williamson Collaboration is available now at Major retailers including Boots and Superdrug. Priced at £3.29 for 250ml.


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