Products that will INSTANTLY add Thickness and Texture to Your Hair…

Products that will INSTANTLY add Thickness and Texture to Your Hair…

Products that actually add thickness and texture to your hair as promised are ones we all crave. Thick, tousled, undone, effortless are all buzzwords that we endeavour to achieve. However the quest for this perfect combination of hair buzz words can be an arduous one. 

I have searched high and low for a volumising/ thickening product that has a significant effect on my heavy hair. Adding thickness, volume and lift to hair like mine is not an easy task but I think I have finally found a product that can manage. Aveda’s Thickening Tonic is a thing of miracles- it actually works. My hair feels fuller and not at all full of product. It is said to expand each individual strand of hair and is 97% naturally derived. I spray it in my hair when it’s wet and style as normal. It couldn’t be easier to use but the results are extraordinary. There really isn’t a lot more to say but that it really works.

Once you achieve thickness, texture is next on the list. Effortless, undone, tousled hair is THE cool girl style of the moment so texture is vital. Enter another magical Aveda product- Texture Tonic. What’s unique about this texture spray in comparison to others on the market is it’s unique balance of salt AND sugar. The salt adds raw grip, whilst the sugar hydrates and softens. The result is effortless, tousled texture without the crunch and dried out feeling on wet, or dry hair. This product has helped me move away from the very polished look that I usually go for. It gives me texture and tousle without looking too unpolished since my hair retains shine.

The best way to recreate these minimalist waves and add thickness and texture to your hair is by working with your natural hair texture.The secret is to spray the Thickening Tonic first and then scrunch Texture Tonic into wet hair and leave to air dry for a tousled look. It’s important to not touch your hair whilst it’s drying, this will cause the hair to lose its shape and create unnecessary frizz.

If your hair has no natural texture, add thickness and texture to your hair by first spraying the Thickening Tonic, dry and tong into loose curls/waves. Finally spritz Texture Tonic throughout tresses from mid-lengths to ends and scrunch in to open the curl for a raw, natural, tousled texture. Always start with less product and layer more as you need to gradually achieve your ultimate texture.

Happy Scrunching Lovelies!






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