My 5 Step Night Time Beauty Routine…

My 5 Step Night Time Beauty Routine…

I’m not going to preach the benefits of a good night time beauty routine, you’re reading a beauty blog post, you know the spiel. However, I have a night time beauty routine I’m quite proud of at the moment…

My night time beauty routine starts with the absolute basic- I brush my teeth. I’m not going to bore you with details but I will tell you that I have become more conscious of the colour of my teeth. They’re not that bad, I only drink coffee in extreme circumstances (less than 6 hours of sleep counts as extreme right?!). Whilst red wine is reserved for the coldest 3 months of the year. Having said that, I’d like an LA smile and have started working towards one. I’ve been using the SmileLab Advanced Whitening Strips recently and love them. They are peroxide, triclosan and SLS free as well as vegan friendly and cruelty free. The box includes 15 strips and a super cute case; either a 7 or 14 day programme is recommended. Each pouch contains a strip for your upper and lower teeth which are super easy to apply. I noticed a significant colour difference on Day 4 of my 7 day programme. I have kept the remainder for when I feel the need for another round but for now I am much happier with the colour of my teeth.

Secondly, I often like to have a shower right before bed. It relaxes my muscles (especially my feet if I’ve spent the day in heels) and is the highlight of my night time beauty routine. I often don’t get time to moisturise my skin all over after my morning shower so this is my opportunity. My skin gets particularly dry and stressed in the cold weather so at the moment I am loving the Crabtree & Evelyn Goatmilk & Oat Soothing Range. I use the Shower Milk followed by the Body Cream both of which contain free range goat’s milk, nourishing oat kernel and skin- conditioning vitamin E to nourish the body. I am obsessed with the clean scent of the products in this range which also has the relaxing scent of lavender. They nourish and soothe my skin and are suitable for even the most sensitive skins. The perfect combination to help me relax at the end of a long day.

My third and fourth steps are the most important of my night time beauty routine. Cleansing and treating my face are the 2 steps I won’t miss(99% of the time). I try to stick to one cleanse as a minimum and a double cleanse when wearing makeup. Read more about my cleansing routine and products here. The products that I treat my skin with vary depending on how my skin is feeling. I often start with an essence, follow with a serum(hydrating/anti ageing/ brightening) and finish with a night cream. At the moment I am using and loving the Nivea Q10 plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Skin Sleep Cream. Dull, tired looking skin is one of my biggest beauty concerns. Vitamin C has always been an appealing active for me as it gives my skin a fresh, natural boost. This sleep cream is one of the first mass skincare products to feature pure Vitamin C. The cream is formulated to support the skins regenerative process overnight. I wake up to smoother, younger, more radiant skin that feels healthier. The range is super affordable and also features a day and eye cream.

My final step after handling ALL of those beauty products is to cleanse and deeply moisturise my hands. The dry skin issue also affects my hands so this is an important part of my night time beauty routine. I have been a loyal fan of Crabtree & Evelyn’s Hand Therapy for years now. Hand Therapy is super nourishing and easily absorbed on my dry skin. So I was elated when the new Everyday Nature’s Care Collection featured it too. My range of choice for hand wash and hand therapy at the moment is Lavender & Espresso. The natural ingredients cleanse, condition and calm the dry skin on my hands while the scent of lavender helps me unwind. I love the pump bottles which not only look good next to the sink but serve as a reminder and make the process easier(in comparison to the tube).

Aaaaand after having done all of that, I tune in to my guilty pleasure of real crime documentaries (the worst idea right before falling asleep) or First Dates if it’s on and somehow it helps me unwind and fall asleep.



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