Why I’ve started 2018 Re-watching SATC…

Why I’ve started 2018 Re-watching SATC…

They say better late than never so Happy New Year lovelies! I hope the first month of 2018 has gone fabulously well for you all and that you’re feeling good about 2018. It’s been a while since I’ve posted- I had an incredibly hectic end to 2017 and an even crazier start to 2018. 

Like so many people, I count down the days until January is over. I’m always sad that the festive period is behind us and the cold is no longer a seasonal novelty. Spring seems close yet too far and to be honest, it’s never over soon enough. I did however, see the New Year in in Abu Dhabi and spent the first 10 days of January there too so, I really shouldn’t complain. Since I got back however, there has been a lot going on.

There has been a lot of change in my life and change is always a little unsettling. Most of the changes are very positive; I won’t bore you with the details. However, all of the changes and the start of the new year put me in quite a reflective mood. My default comfort when I’m feeling a bit reflective though is a marathon of Sex & The City episodes.

I watched Sex & The City throughout my late teens and early 20’s and was a huge fan! It was probably what inspired me to write (who doesn’t want Carrie Bradshaws life?!) and certainly fed my passion for fashion. Most importantly however, I admired Carrie’s strength to always just keep going- no matter what life threw at her. One of my favourite Carrie quotes is:

“Sometimes we need to stop analysing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how we feel, stop deciding exactly what we want, and just see what happens.”

SATC is exactly what the doctor would order for me now if he could (I do think SATC Marathon prescriptions should exist). Watching the strong, funny, confusing, sad and triumphant moments of the girls lives reminds me that we all feel a bit lost at some point in our lives. We all question ourselves and whats going on for us but in the end- it’s better to just enjoy the ride!

Speaking of SATC and Carrie aka Sarah Jessica Parker, I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t mention SJP fragrances. Being a huge fan, naturally I went out and bought her first ever fragrance Lovely as soon as it hit shelves years ago. It’s become a bit of a classic for me- the most reasonable of EDPs in my collection by a mile and super long lasting. The pretty bottle is just to die for and the feminine floral scent with a sophisticated, sensual, edge is just perfect for daily wear. Once I was hooked on lovely, I didn’t take much notice of her other releases- until I was sent Stash last month. A far sexier fragrance with the same lasting power and to be honest, just as addictive. I didn’t expect it to be my kind of fragrance but I was very pleasantly surprised. Stash is sexy, smooth and understated- much like Sarah Jessica Parker and/or Carrie Bradshaw! This has been a very welcome addition to my wardrobe of fragrances, there aren’t many sexy fragrances that easily carry you from day to night. SJP fragrances are absolute perfection; now I’m curious to explore the rest…

I know this is a more personal post than usual, one of my goals this year is to open up a bit on the blog, I hope this resonated with some of you and that you liked it.




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