My Cryotherapy Experience with Nivea Deep Moisture Serum…

My Cryotherapy Experience with Nivea Deep Moisture Serum…

Cryotherapy is something I had read a lot about in the glossies but never really saw myself going for a session- I’m much too averse to the cold. Then a couple of beauties invited me to experience a session to celebrate the launch of Nivea Deep Moisture Serum. My curiosity won over my aversion to the cold (I’m far too curious, it often gets me into trouble) and along I went.

The event was held at LondonCryo, a beautiful whole body cryotherapy centre just off Bishopsgate. They gave me a very thorough and informative consultation before we began. For those of you unfamiliar with Cryotherapy, it is a whole body, three-minute treatment using extreme cold, via liquid nitrogen mist. The cold on the body’s surface enhances positive effects on health and wellness, sports recovery, pain management and even beauty. Blood rushes through your system during your treatment and your body releases a flood of endorphins (similar to post exercise) leaving you feeling calm, energised, and refreshed. As well as reducing stress and refreshing you, a committed programme of Cryotherapy is said to reduce anxiety, depression and increase energy levels. On a more superficial level, it can also burn calories, eliminate toxins, reduce cellulite and rejuvenate your skin improving the appearance of it.

Three minutes in the tank sound a lot longer than they feel as does the cold. It is definitely a bearable cold, not as cold as you imagine it to be and the feeling afterwards is worth every second. Although numb in numerous places, I felt rejuvenated and energised for sure- I can’t comment on long term benefits as I’m yet to go back but I am definitely convinced that it can have a lot of benefits.

Most of the treatment is quite pleasant although the feeling on your skin afterwards is really not the best. As you would expect, the cold left my skin dry, tight and itchy, thankfully I was there to celebrate the launch of Nivea Deep Moisture Serum so I had tonnes of body lotion to hand(big grin).

I suffer from dry skin on a good day so after the cryotherapy session, my skin was painfully parched. Because it was so horrendously dry, I thought the Rich Nourishing body lotion with Deep Moisture Serum was best for me. The formula is infused with the Nivea Deep Moisture Serum as well as 2x Almond Oil which hydrated and soothed my skin at the same time. The rich and creamy formula is said to intensively nourish for 48h to noticeably improve the roughness of very dry skin. And the effects are immediate, visible after just 1 application.

This has since become my daily moisturiser- not only because the formula is so fabulous (I love that the lotion has a serum in it) but the larger bottle comes with a pump which I find makes it that bit easier to reach for when you’re in a rush every morning. There are 2 other versions of the body lotion, one is Irresistibly Smooth and the other is Express Hydration. Express hydration will be next on my list as its meant to be faster absorbing than the others but for the winter the Rich Nourishing version has been a life saver.

Are you brave enough to try Cryotherapy?



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