Why Fabublush is Exciting for Me Again…<3

Why Fabublush is Exciting for Me Again…<3

If you’re a loyal follower (and I hope you are!), you’ll have noticed that there was tumbleweed blowing across Fabublush.com and Fabublush Instagram the last couple of months.  Not only was life crazy busy, but I had kind of lost my blogging mojo. I just wasn’t feeling inspired to create content for either the blog or for Instagram.

Fabublush has evolved since I first started it a couple of years ago. The layout and look has changed a total of three times and the content has evolved too (in a good way I hope!). Fabublush started as a way to share more of my work as a makeup artist, what I learnt and what I thought was important to put out there. I eventually started sharing more of my wardrobe- I have always LOVED dressing up and thought it would be fun to share. My content however, still doesn’t feel like a true representation of my self; I know my hesitance to share too much has been a huge contributing factor. If you read my new year post, you’ll know one of my goals for this year is to share more both on Fabublush.com and on Instagram.

One of the things I’m passionate about and have decided to share more of fits into new territory for me- lifestyle. It’s weird to say I’m passionate about lifestyle, and even as a writer I’m at a loss for words but what I’m trying to say is I love to really live life and in style where I can! I’m always the one suggesting restaurants and theres always some hotspot I’m dying to go to. Lifestyle is already subtly present in my content but I want to make it more of a focus point. I hope you guys enjoy what is to come both on Fabublush.com and Instagram.

P.s. These pictures were taken at Bombay Bustle– although Indian restaurants aren’t usually my thing(my mum is an amazing cook so I don’t feel the need to go to a restaurant for great indian food), this one has unusual dishes; I screeched when I saw Truffle Naan on the menu! The atmosphere was great and the restaurant itself is very Insta-grammable(the secret to any restaurants success these days it seems). I would definitely go back and would highly recommend it.

P.p.s. My lace top that I am currently obsessed with is from Tobi. They have some very cute, very reasonably priced pieces. Their collection is updated very frequently and they also offer free shipping. I have have the black lace crop top, a grey sweater dress and the cutest pink dress from there in my wardrobe at the moment. Follow me on Instagram to see how I wear the other 2 pieces.



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