Every Woman’s Gym Bag Essentials…

The temperatures have been rising, sunglasses are out and moods are brighter. Spring is in full force which means summer is just around the corner. With summer comes the pressure of the much coveted summer body. I haven’t felt as comfortable with my body as I used to for months now. There was no better time than now to change that so I decided to overhaul my diet and workout routine. My gym bag has also had a bit of a shake up and these are my new gym bag essentials. View Post


Why you Should Sleep on a Silk Pillowcase…

Silk is definitely one of my most favoured fabrics when it comes to clothing. However, I only recently realised it has far more perks than simply being luxurious. I now count a silk pillowcase as an absolute essential for any woman who wants to maintain and improve the condition of her skin and hair. If you’re on the blog reading this, I think I can safely presume you are one of them. You, your skin and your hair deserve good quality beauty sleep which is exactly what a silk pillowcase is all about. View Post




Maybe its because 2013 but before this year, I never had to worry about breakouts. I had heard rave reviews of La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo but had never tried it because I didn’t need to worry about breakouts. Of course I’ve had to endure a couple in my life- I did NOT cope well- but was safe most of the time. Then something changed.

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